Speaker Notes

Sacred practice of blessing farewell Psalm 134

Sacred practice of promise keeping Psalm 132

Jericho Road Word Deed or Sign Luke 10

Limitless versus limited mercy Luke 10

Givers versus keepers Luke 10

A dangerous kind of mercy Luke 10

Holy Spirit speaks my lingo too Acts 2

Mercy comes to town Luke 10

Jericho Road Luke 10

Three biblical necessities for progress Rom 8

Serve the world in word sign & deed Mark 16

BELLS Learning Jesus

Sacred practice of community Psalm 133

Inclusion Acts 10-11

Sacred practice of stickability Psalm 129

Sacred practice of being a blessing Psalm 128

Sacred practice of effortless work Psalm 127

Sacred practice of joyfulness Psalm 126

Sacred practice of unshakeability Psalm 125

Power love self-discipline Acts 10-11

Sacred practice of remembering Psalm 124

Sacred practice of serving Psalm 123

Sacred practice of Worship Psalm 122

Sacred practice of providence Psalm 121

Sacred practice of repentance Psalm 120

The secret of cruciform contentment Phil 4:10-23

Cruciform conflict resolution Phil 4:1-7

Cruciform heavenly citizens Phil 3:17-4:1

Cruciform health & Safety Phil 3:1-16

Cruciform family dynamics Phil 2:19-3:1

The knack of being beacons of hope Phil 2:12-18

Practicing cruciform power & hope Phil 1:27-2:5

It is OK to say Jesus is Lord Phil 2:5-11

Cruciform practices Phil 1:27-2:5

Cruciform courage Phil 1:12-26

Cruciform identity Phil 1:1-11

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